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Aebleskiver Pancakes

by | Feb 19, 2023 | Recipes | 2 comments

Aebelskiver Pancakes

Danish Pancake Balls with Easy Fruit Filling. 

Pancakes are one of the simplest breakfast foods, but have you heard of Aebleskiers… Aeblslivers… Aeblskivers… um…  Ebleskivers? Aebleskivers, pronounced Able-skeevers, are just as simple (but hard to spell)! They are essentially the same ingredients but then poured into a special pan with round holes that give the pancake its round ball shape. While they can be served with maple syrup, making them with homemade fruit topping or raspberry jam makes this easy breakfast pair with your favorite cup of tea wonderfully. The coffee drinkers in the family will likely not complain, either.

When visiting my mom this weekend, she began pulling out the Aebleskiver pans, and I just knew I had to include this recipe on the blog. We love these light, fluffy pancakes that are just as good plain as they are with the easy fruit topping and powdered sugar. Our morning tea with my parents was one of my favorite types of lazy Saturday morning teas filled with a bit of baking, lots of tea, laughs with my parents, and savoring old memories as we create new ones. Our breakfast teas often linger well past the ten o’clock hour, leaving us just enough time to shower, and then she starts lunch as soon as the tea has been put away.


My favorite Aebleskiver memory involves my mom and her grandchildren, who were all gathered at grandma’s house for a memorable holiday. My nephew LOVES pancakes, and Aebleskivers would certainly be a special treat. My nephew is used to flat pancakes. Everyone was surprised by his tears as he had difficulty adjusting his expectations of a pancake breakfast with the round balls he saw on his plate. My son has always done an excellent job redirecting his younger cousins to create opportunities for fun. So, he just told his cousin they were fat pancakes. My nephew could understand this concept – he did not know what Aebleskivers were, but fat pancakes were something he could wrap his tiny brain around.

Now, about the pans. Aebleskivers require a special pan. My mom found hers years ago on a trip to California at a Scandenavian bakery shop. Today, they are much easier to find. I like these pans on Amazon. If you find you are serious about Aebleskivers, you might also want to try these Aebleskiver turners that my mom uses. Welcome to the Aebleskiver club my friends!


Aebleskiver Pancakes

with easy Fruit Topping


2 cups flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

½ teaspoon baking soda

1 ½ cups buttermilk

1 Tablespoon sugar

½ teaspoon salt

2 eggs

Cook in Butter or Coconut Oil


Fruit topping

3 to 4 cups of Frozen berries of your choice (we use mixed berries)

½ cup sugar



Preheat the Aebleskiver pan and begin thawing fruit in a medium saucepan (see below for fruit-filling instructions. Meanwhile, sift dry ingredients together and mix well. Add eggs, sugar, and buttermilk and mix well with a mixer. Once the pan is warm, turn the heat down, so the pancakes do not burn. Add approximately 1/8th of a teaspoon of butter in each well, followed by a spoonful of batter. Fill each hole just short of the top, being careful not to overfill. Let bake for a few minutes, and when bubbles appear, it is time to turn them with a fork or icepick. Knitting needles work also! Once baked golden, move to a pre-warmed plate and top with fruit filling and powdered sugar.


Fruit Filling

Place frozen fruit on low heat, and once thawed and bubbling, add sugar. Serve over hot Aebleskivers.

Aebelskiver Pancakes


  1. Ellan Anderson

    I love these little pancakes, aka Aebleskivers. They are fun to make and eat with a cup of Norfolk Breakfast tea.

    • Chrystal Copeland

      Ah-ha! A Tea connoisseur I see! Norfolk breakfast has been our staple morning tea lately. Glad you enjoy the recipe!


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