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Fall Harvest Hash Breakfast Bowl

Serving Size- 2 people

2 strips pre-cooked bacon (if using uncooked omit olive oil)

1 TBSP Olive oil

1 Andouille Sausage

¼ Kabacha Squash seeded and chopped

            (can roast in oven at 300 for 10 minutes to soften)

¼ cup shitake mushrooms

3 baby red skin potatoes

1 piece kale chopped

Salt and Pepper to taste

Lake Shore Drive season from The Spice House – (chives scallions, green peppercorns and shallots)

Chop pre-cooked bacon and warm in olive oil. Add chopped squash, andouille sausage, potatoes and cook on medium-low heat for 4-5 minutes until softened. Add Shitake mushrooms, kale, salt pepper and Lake Shore Drive seasoning. Toss together and turn up to medium heat. Cook 4-8 minutes stirring occasionally until gently browned. Top with an egg and serve with sourdough toast, or serve as a side with our Fall French toast with Pear Chutney. Pairs well with our Copeland Breakfast Tea.

The recipe is great for two but can be easily increased to prep a week’s worth of breakfast.


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