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We are Jeff and Chrystal Copeland, currently living in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. We met and fell in love over many cups of tea. Welcome to our cozy little corner, where we share our tea passion with fellow enthusiasts and novices. We genuinely believe tea can be both for the ordinary and the extraordinary!

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We are so glad you are here! Whether you are a fellow tea enthusiast or just learning about the world of tea, we want to welcome you! We are avid tea drinkers and even fell in love over many cups of tea! Our first date was an afternoon tea picnic, and while on our honeymoon in British Columbia, we visited some of the best tea rooms in the world!

For now, we are exploring our little part of the world and want to share our experiences with you! We love all tea shops, from small mom-and-pop shops that serve pots of tea between nooks of books-  to culinary tea experiences that delight the senses.

Jeff is a retired chef who trained at the New England Culinary Institute. He now works in the pet care industry and plays with dogs for a living. His culinary palette fuels our tea-ventures and often our DIY afternoon teas.

Chrystal works at a local credit union and is a multi-passionate individual who loves music, baking, gardening, and writing for the Cozi Tea Blog.

Together, we have enjoyed ten years of marriage, two sons, our crazy pets, a few wild adventures, and an estimated 30,000 cups of tea!

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